Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sarah Larson, Courtney Hansen, All American Rejects, Busta Rhymes, Tony Hawk, Neil Patrick Harris, 50 Cent

Just got back from the "red" carpet at the Spike TV 2008 Video Game Awards hosted by Jack Black. We got some amazing interviews on the silver carpet, which are being edited right now by Mr. Gallagher. In the meantime, here are some pictures for you to enjoy! Let me know what you think. Celeb photos are in the middle!

Press arrival: 2:30 pm - Sony Studios, Culver City, CA

Cruisin' up in style in my Honda Civic!

Here to give you The Dealio from the silver carpet!

My stellar crew from Mahalo Daily: Michael Gallagher and Mike Rhoades.

Rock Band 2 our left...

Super Mario Brothers to our right...

MJG excited (and scared) for a video game night!

Rhoades like a kid on Christmas morning...

Mike from Girl Gamer - we see them at almost every event! They're awesome!

Solil helping us get some WiFi hook ups!

All American Rejects: Fans of Rockband and performing LIVE on the show!

Lots of fun talking with these guys!

Left 4 Dead

The Tony Hawk!

50 Cent!

"Chun Li" from Street Fighter II (the movie) - Kristen Kreuk

Sarah Larson and Courtney Hansen - they're working on a new TV show together!

Neil Patrick Harris - NPH is adorable.

Busta Rhymes was an AMAZING interview! Can't wait for you to see it!!!!

Chillin' in the press room after the silver carpet...

A little red wine to celebrate...

Deep thoughts about video games....

Jack Black making love to several gaming consoles...HILARIOUS!


  1. Omg, you met Neil Patrick Harrison and my friend Mike from girlgamer! :)

    Hey Leah, are you free this Thursday? Disneyland after work? hehe

  2. you can't meet busta rhymes and 50 cent and not have a great story to tell us.

  3. It's Neil Patrick Harris... not Harrison. Silly Leah, Tricks are for Kids.

  4. Nothing makes video games better than a nice glass of red wine...

  5. Haha got NPH's name right in the title - wrong in the photo IDs - must have been thinking of Dani Harrison (George Harrison's son) who we also met/interviewed. I fixed it now though. Thanks, Mr. Ugg Boots.

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