Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Return to Regular Food

Alright! I am now returning to regular food after 6 days of the master cleanse. Last night I started eating some raw fruits and veggies after finishing my last batch of "lemonade": 1 banana, 10 slices of cucumber, and 1 apple. Today (day 7), I've had: 1 glass of orange juice, 1 small bowl of oatmeal with organic blueberries, 1 mixed green salad with shredded turkey and olive oil/vinegar as dressing, 1 cup of chai tea, and water. So far my stomach has reacted just fine to the regular foods and I feel great!

I lost 8 lbs. on the cleanse and plan to keep it off with a much healthier diet and more exercise! My top resolution for 2009. Do you have a good workout routine or diet that you follow to stay in great shape? If so, share it here on The Dealio!

1 comment:

  1. you see my workout updates on twitter. i mostly stick to running and a little yoga. i think it helps tracking workouts somewhere like mapmyrun.com. then you can see how you're doing.