Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bowling in Santa Monica - 1st Time in Over 2 Years!

I finally had an opportunity to go bowling in Southern California. My game seemed to get better once the Bud Light bowling pin bottles joined the team. Good game, guys. Good game.

Life begins at 40 with Pat Amato. Thanks for the brews. John - nice camera work with the Blackberry. My scores: 94, 104, 98. Hey, it's been over two years...


  1. wow, The Dealio suddenly came to life. I haven't checked it out for a while. Keep it up, I like your production skills. Catchy name for a blog!

  2. i hope you can keep blogging at this pace now that the fun has left town (me). life just isn't the same when you aren't being held upside down to drink beer.

  3. haha well, Mr. Fun...at least I'll have Monday night bowling for some stories...maybe I'll start buying my own kegs to keep this up...