Saturday, December 6, 2008

Chill Weekend

Quick post about the weekend. Friday night I worked late with our new intern then met up with Jessica Mae Stover "Heart of a Dying Turtle" aka Artemis Eternal and cruised over to Citizen Smith in Hollywood. Met some cool peeps there, chilled for a couple hours, then came home. My view while waiting for valet to bring me back my car. Very cool bar if you haven't been. Go check it out.

Today I slept in til 1:30...definitely needed to catch up. Haven't been able to sleep well for the last couple weeks, so it was nice. Had a totally chill day at home, watched regular TV for the first time in a long time--not missing anything, and waited for Rybot to get off of work. We went out to the Daily Grill for dinner, spent way too much money, and came home. Now I'm watching SNL with John Malkovich. So far I give it about 5 stars out of 10...hope it gets better...any time now...TI is about to perform...not sure he's adding more stars to my

Sunday I'll be working in the afternoon.......................hope you're all having a nice weekend.

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  1. Heart of a Dying Turtle, FTW! ;-)

  2. Hi there, Just wanted to tell you how much I like your BLOG and your Tweets, is that what they're called? (LOL). Your Twitter comments... If you're interested in some reciprocal linkage, let me know... Thanks and peace...!