Monday, December 22, 2008

Twitter for the Holidays - 08

Here's what ya'll are doing this holiday season...

Jeremy Cochran
eepgonewild @leahdemilio I am super boring this year. We will stay at home have dinner and open presents.
Brian Taylor
brian_taylor @leahdemilio mom in town then on the road to my in-laws.
itsstevebitches @leahdemilio Are you coming Home for the Holidays? We all have to go out for a drink! Congrats on the show in Cali! got you on the podcast!
yuetsu @leahdemilio snowed in @ pdx(#snowpocalypse #snomaggedon #pdxtst). veggie dinner w/ zen center (happy ham!). wass da xmas delio w/ demilio?
George  Brickner
gsbrickner @leahdemilio For the holidays, I'm trying to stay warm. It's a bit chilly here.
Armen J Chakmakjian
ArmenJosephChak @leahdemilio Hosting Xmas for the wife's family and extended family, drive to my family in CT, then back to do Boston 1st Night
Glenn Quagmire
GlennQuagmire @leahdemilio chilling in London with family and friends, chilling being the word brrrrrr :)
pcnerd37 @leahdemilio Im going back and forth to family parties. My holiday schedule is hectic now that my parents are divorced.
EnriqueH73 @leahdemilio, Well, heading to Colroado to spend time with family there. I just hope i do not get stuck in the snow.
CoreyOConnor @leahdemilio you really need a bikini episode.. just sayin
Cláudio Duarte

I will be spending the holidays with Rybot and his family before we fly cross-country to visit my family in an undisclosed location for the new year - then back to work!!!!!!!!

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