Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ritual & Big Wangs

I normally don't go out this much, especially during the work week, but with the holiday season in full swing there's a lot more going on around here, so let me introduce you to a few more friends...

Trevor Anthony - beer or water? Trevor is a great emcee, actor, and host. He's been a good friend since I first moved out in 2007. We took Shari Shaw's sit-com/auditions class together in Studio City and even worked a few events for Nascar in Southern California.

Big Wangs in Hollywood. It's a total down-to-earth bar if you're looking for that kind of joint. Plus, they had karaoke going on. Oh, yeah. I believe in a thing called love...just listen to the rhythm of your heart...if you can sing that song, send me the video of it. I will put it on here.

This was earlier in the night at Ritual for the BBA holiday party. Ran into another former acting classmate of mine, Corby and his friend April. Such nice people! Both from Texas. Always nice to run into people you know!

I never made it to the Hollywood Web TV Meet Up, but Jessica Mae Stover reported back to me and met up with us at Big Wangs with her bud, Todd. Look closely to see Todd's button of Michael Jackson.

Awesome. Turned out to be a fun night. But now I can't sleep...ah, well...embrace insomnia...

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