Tuesday, December 2, 2008

OMG! I got "pulled over" for crossing the street at a crosswalk!

Attention. Do NOT attempt to cross the street in Santa Monica if you do not have a full "walk" sign permitting you to do so. I just took a little spin around the block in an attempt to shake off my slumber and had a run in with the law. Maybe it was because I was on my Blackberry talking to Chicken Ass, but I decided to cross the street while the "red hand" was still up. I swear I looked both ways first. No cars. Felt safe. Except that 3/4 of the way across I realized there was a cop on a motorcycle at the corner. Sh*t. "Excuse me, miss, I need to talk to you," he said.

"Jen, let me call you back."

The conversation started off with him saying, "You leave me no choice but to give you a ticket." Which left me thinking you gotta be kidding me! I have given this town far too much money for parking meters and parking tickets and now...NOW...I'm going to get a ticket for crossing 4 seconds too soon???

"Really? I'm sorry. You're right. I know. I understand."

He went on to lecture me about why it was unsafe to do what I did, especially since all my attention was being paid to my phone call. I said, "Yeah, I have to be honest, I didn't even see you until I was already to the corner." This seemed to be the turning point when he decided he was just going to warn me. I apologized and thanked him for not giving me a ticket.

Whew. Lesson learned.

Do you have a similar story? Any odd run ins with the law? Share yours here on The Dealio!


  1. Keg stands, bowling, getting pulled over by police...so much excitement in the past few days....what will your next story be Leah?

  2. Haha no kidding...who knows...

  3. Were you also chewing gum at the same time, because, whoa.

  4. No, but I hand one hand in my pocket and the other one was giving a peace sign...

  5. That happened to me once, when I was 15. The police officer saw me walk from point A to B when the red hand was up. The P.O. was on point A, and yelled at me to go and speak to him, "Come here now!" he said. So I assumed he wanted me to go from point B to A "now!" when the light was red. So, because I was 15 and susceptible to fear of "the man", I crossed over and he gave me two tickets. One for the red hand, and another for following orders.

    Point of the story: Judges don't typically penalize you for crossing the street. They find it a waste of time. So fight the law, D'Emilio!
    -Z (twitter.com/MrZ3000)

  6. At many of the intersections I cross, I've learned the light pattern so I can usually time when to start crossing. And, if there's no traffic, I'll go ahead and cross right away, especially if there's a bus I need to catch and I can either see it coming or I know it's supposed to be at the stop a few blocks down the street at another cross street. Also I usually can time it so the walk light comes on before I'm all the way across.

  7. Sounds like you've figured that all out...just be careful if there is a cop on a motorcycle waiting at the corner ;-)

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