Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sushi & Crystal Pier

The day before the Rock n' Roll Marathon, Canole, Tony, and I enjoyed the cloudy & misty San Diego day out and about near the coastline. The picture below was taken on Crytal Pier, which I had never heard about before last Saturday. You can litterally sleep "over the ocean" in these adorable little white and blue cottages. Definitely a cool alternative to a traditional hotel room. You'll need advance planning if you want to stay there, though, so check out their site ASAP!

We had amazing sushi for the lowest price I've ever seen and it was honestly delicious. It was also the first time I saw sushi floating around on little boats. At first I thought they were other peoples orders, but soon learned you just grab what looks good to you...kind of the sushi version of a buffet table. Of course, I had to order my favorite salmon sashimi. I pretty much get that every time I go out for sushi. Check out Kabuki Sushi next time you're in the area and ask Charlie for the "Cinderella Roll" - it's not on the menu, but will knock your socks off!

Filled with sushi & ready for some frozen yogurt! Where are your favorite places to go in San Diego? Share them here on the Dealio!

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