Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Progressive Field & the Birds

Let's start off with the people around us. I really liked this guy's jean shorts. He was coaching the first baseman. Notice his use of a rolled up program as a megaphone. Brilliant!

What a gorgeous skyline of downtown Cleveland.

Very scary.

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks...

It was cloudy, but the rain held off! We were more worried about bird droppings falling on our heads than rain drops.

It's been a few years since I went to a pro baseball game. I consider myself quite lucky that I was there first hand to see the Indians beat Kansas City because of seagulls in the outfield.

The girls + 1 lucky dude! A big thanks to Rhett and Jim for the tickets! You guys are awesome!!!

Trying to be artsy with my photography skills.

I love all 3 of the facial expressions in this photo. Very proud of this one! I hope they are, too.

The bride to be after getting hit with a foul ball!

The DUDE with the ice cream cone in the background is the guy who stole the foul ball from Jen after it hit her wrist. We tried to pressure him to give it back to us, but he was not willing to negotiate whatsoever. It landed in her seat and he was all over it like his tongue is on that ice cream. Com'on guy. She was getting married the next weekend! Boo!

Attack of the seagulls. They are out of control! I was told Cleveland has now hired a bird doctor to figure out why they've gotten so crazy lately.

I'm not sure why the mascot was so violent with me...seriously!

Where'd I go?

The cops came down to bust some kids for underage drinking. This was such an eventful game! What's the best baseball game you've ever been to? Share it here on the Dealio!

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  1. I never went to baseball... sorry, but I've had funny days watching sports.

    Once, in my home town (which is a sh***y town in the south of Spain), our soccer team made it to the second league (which is kind of good). One of the big teams in the first league did pretty bad in the previous season and went down to the second. So they came to play in my town, and they have these absolutely stupid radical fans, who came along with the team as well. These guys are usually "dangerous". So they were insulting us during the whole game, and then, to my surprise, like 10 minutes before the end, all the locals started to leave the stadium.

    What did I find when I got out??? A city in flames! The people in my town just burnt down the radicals' buses and were waiting for them outside the stadium.... there were fights everywhere and we all kids just tried to get out of the mess, with our parents looking for us (I hope they didn't get involved in the burning) all over the place. In the end the police had to protect all the other guys... and next day our local news paper published the news as "The real men couldn't beat up the villagers" (which i guess was a bit sarcastic).

    I don't remember if there was some funny game without destruction... but now I see Gozilla doesn't make sense, you just call my buddies from home and you got a disasters movie.