Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Making Paper

After tying ribbons on 200 bubble wands, Chicken Ass wanted to make handmade paper with flower seeds in it for party favors. Here's what the process looks like...

We used a paper shredder to shred up scraps of paper Jen used for her wedding invitations and then cut them again with scissors into small pieces. Since her colors are green and purple, we used this mix, plus white, to get a nice variety of light to dark purples with flecks of white & green.

Jen borrowed screens from a friend, but you could make these at home, as well. Just 4 pieces of wood and a screen you can get from any hardware store.

Put the cut up paper in the blender and add enough water so all the paper is wet. Now blend. It should have a nice, thick consistency. Add more water as you go if necessary.

Once blended, pour the mix onto the screens over a sink or tub and then press the access water out with a sponge or your hands. Careful - this can stain your clothes/towels. This is also the time to add the flower seeds in so you can distribute them as evenly as possible.

Leave the paper out to dry for about a night or two. We discovered that taking the paper off the screens and putting them out on a table with a fan blowing on them worked faster. Picture of the finished product on the way!

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