Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Break out your BBQ, buy your summer wardrobe, plant your flowers and open your pools! It's Memorial Day weekend! I remember when this time of year meant something different for me--it signified that the school year was almost wrapped and summer was just around the corner (remember I grew up in Ohio). But, now, this weekend feels like any other. In fact, this season feels like any other. It has felt like summer since the end of March. Trust me, though. I'm NOT complaining.

No disrespect to the reason why we celebrate Memorial Day, I'm just saying that the time of year used to have a special energy about it. Now I'm wide awake at 3 a.m. worried about all the work I need to get done over the weekend. Funny how things change when you're all grown up. Be careful with your grills, folks!

I'd advise not to BBQ near wooden fences, or anything else extremely flammable, like tablecloths, or your grandma's sundress. What's the dealio with your Memorial Day weekend? Any good grill fire stories?


  1. I'll be participating in an Art Tour on a Conference Bike in beautiful downtown Greenville, SC. Seven people on one bike is a blast!

  2. I'm celebrating Leah D'Emilio setting my life on fire in two weeks.