Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Drugs, Racism, & Gambling...

Hey friends and followers of the Dealio!

I would like to invite you to check out and become a fan of a new project I'm extremely excited to be involved with! You've probably seen my previous posts about screenwriter Christopher Canole and his multiple award winning screenplay, Felix the Flyer. Well, we just put together a Facebook Fan Page last night and would love to have you in our fan club!

The story of Cuban mailman and 1904 Olympic runner, Felix Carvajal, is universal, inspiring, and engaging...and includes scenarios with the title of this post. Please take a few moments to join our page and learn more about Felix! We have a lot of exciting events coming up, including the Rock n' Roll Marathon in San Diego, Sunday, May 31st!

Please feel free to contact me with more information regarding Christopher Canole and/or Felix the Flyer!

You may email me with serious inquires only

Thank you!

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