Sunday, May 31, 2009

Don't Worry 'bout a Thing

Catching up on the week's events...I spent my Memorial Day at the UCLA Jazz and Reggae Festival with my friend Freddy Harris. It was a beautiful day for strawberry lemonade (it was awful), strawberry banana smoothies in a giant $10 blue cup with "$5 refills all day" (it was delicious), and reggae music (it was good for dancin'). I missed Erykah Badu on Sunday night, but Monday was still very entertaining...especially because "Pita" was there.

Me drinking bad $5 strawberry lemonade. That was the last sip I took. It tasted like plastic.

A bit of the crowd - there were more people behind us. Great turn out. Perfect weather.

Freddy enjoying the smoothie and lost in deep thought.

This was one of maybe 3 songs I actually knew some of the words to...

The little umbrella was a nice touch. We put it in the dirt to shade the ants. I think they had a good day, too, with all the crumbs on the ground. More on the way...


  1. Aw that would have been fun! Too bad I was shooting a wedding that day.

  2. Someone got married on Memorial Day?