Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tie Dye & Nutella

A special thanks is in order to JCA who was thoughtful enough to send a handmade, limited edition tie dye towel and an inspirational photo that has convinced me to run out and buy a tub of nutella - hey, it is Fat Tuesday today, anyway...thanks, John :)

Here's a big thumbs up to you!


  1. that's also a limited edition photo from france. nutella is proof of the greatness of italy.

  2. hi wateman here.
    i recieved an email from johm amoto. he told me that you passwed on a link to the wasteman site.
    Just wanted to say thanks for doing this and was wondering how youn ended up on the wasteman site? would love to know if you get a chance.
    wasteman over

  3. Hi wasteman!

    Thanks for the comment. John and I were talking about nutella glasses, so I searched on Google for nutella drinking glass and found your site with this link Nutella Glass