Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Subway Strangeness

I've been doing Molly's zombie make up this week using the "injury" kit from Cinema Secrets, in addition to their FX blood, blood gel, and flesh latex.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Food, Food, and Food

What else is there to do with your free time and money than to try all the fabulous food around New York City? Here are some of my latest adventures in dining...enjoy!

This place is adorable. They bring you a little basket of sweet breads with two heart shaped cookies. I had the seared Salmon with couscous and cherry tomatoes - it was fabulous! Definitely stop in for a meal if you're in Soho!

Super hip cafe in Soho. I go there for coffee, tea and sometimes for lunch. This is a picture of peppermint tea, which I never knew how much I liked until I moved to NYC. They give you these awesome vintage post cards with your check. Worth it in my opinion. Always a cool crowd inside. Check it out if your in the neighborhood.

I forget the name of the place I ate this...it was in Tribeca...hold on, let me check my credit card statement real quick...ah, yes South's. The service was awful, but the Shepherd's Pie warmed my soul. Great meal on a cool fall night.

Sometimes you just gotta have a $20 burger at midnight. That's what happened here. It was delicious. I had a strange coincidence when I ate here. When I walked in, I just sat down at the bar and the girl next to me says, "Leah?" I looked over at her and answered, "Yes? Wait, do I know you?" and she was like "Wait, is your name Leah?" I said, "Yes." She responded, "I totally thought you were my friend Leah, you look just like her that's so weird you have the same name." WTF!?!? I've never had that happen before. Leah is not that popular of a name so it was pretty crazy. Anyway, the burger and fries were delicious, except the burger wasn't as well done as I would've liked, but I ate it anyway. Definitely over priced, but it's worth going at least once. Maybe someone will coincidentally know your name at the bar, too.



I discovered Aurora while casually walking through Soho. I passed it often, but kept saying I'd wait to try it with friends. But one rare day I got out of work during happy hour and saw their sign out front and figured now would be a good time to go in. So I did. And it was the best decision I could've made.

The bartender, Andrea, made me a lovely peach margarita (served in martini glass), which was very refreshing - not too sweet, a little fruity, and just nice. During their happy hour, which is every day from 5 -7 pm they have little appetizers on the bar. You can see some of them behind the martini glass. Frittatas, an assortment of Italian meats, hummus, and more.

I was enjoying myself so much at the bar that I decided to stick around for dinner. So I ordered a small craft of red wine (better deal than just getting a glass - highly recommended) and got the butternut squash & ricotta "gli gnudi" with walnuts. Yum.

This is what they bring out with their bread. It's olive oil with radishes, onion, and walnuts. You could just eat this and be happy for the night.

I'm a sucker for dessert, so when Andrea told me about this chocolate cake sprinkled with sea salt and accompanied with figs soaked in vinegar I was sold. It was totally worth it. Please order this when you go so we can bond over the experience.

This picture is from my second visit to Aurora.

This is one of my favorite places in Soho. I go there all the time now. Their staff is so nice and the environment is so comfortable. Definitely check it out if you're in Soho or they also have a location in Brooklyn (haven't been to that one yet). The picture above is of a caprese salad, which is my favorite salad of all time hands down. Aurora's version is buonissima! Go there! Now!


Apparently better known for their live music and salsa dancing, Gonzalez y Gonzalez is a huge Mexican restaurant on Broadway and Houston. I honestly don't remember what I ordered, but they were good. I plan on going back and hitting up the dance floor next time! I LOVE SALSA DANCING!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

New York City Landmarks

i love this video! great job molly and bob.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Get in the Van!

Last Saturday afternoon, I took to the streets of Chinatown in mad pursuit of a Louis Vuitton with Colleen & Colleen. I thought that just meant a quick stroll down Canal Street, but I soon learned of the whole underground purse market in NYC.

NY Colleen informed us that there are rooms underground and in abandoned stores that have better quality brand purses. She led the way since NC Colleen and I had no idea what we were doing. We met with several different Asian women who led us to these private rooms to check out the goods.

While we were in the 3rd room, NC Colleen looked around and said, in what was definitely louder than a whisper, "Is this illegal?" Um...why do you think we've been following around Asian women to these secret locations and have to ask for permission to leave the room? Yes, Colleen. This is illegal.

On one of the longer journeys to the secret rooms, we were actually handed off to a second guide. I was confused for a minute, ready to keep following the first lady - but I quickly turned to my right to see NY Colleen half way down the sidewalk with another Asian woman.

Finally, we were led to a van on a side street in Soho. We stood on the sidewalk, stared at the van for a few seconds, then the lady unlocked the sliding door, jumped in and waved us all in, "Get in, get in!" So there we were - the 3 of us and our dealer. The inside of the van was pitch black. The dealer turned on the light and you could see the wooden shelves that had been built to hold up all the bags. The windows were blacked out with star-studded black wrapping paper.

She had the bag NC Colleen wanted and NY Colleen also found a Chanel she liked. I was just there to document the whole incident. They negotiated 2 for $95. Before they agreed on this number though, NC Colleen tried to talk the dealer down to $45, which is when she snagged the bag out of her hands and threw it on the floor saying, "NO, I told you, $50, its good deal". Originally, she was asking for $65 so it wasn't too bad after all was said and done. The two Colleens settled on $95 for both, paid the dealer in cash, and then we waited for permission to get out of the van. The dealer made a call and kept saying, "Wait...wait...wait". Finally, we were allowed out.

I had no idea these private rooms and vans existed. If you're in NYC and you want to see more than what's on the street, then just go up to any one of the dealers you see on Canal Street and in the most subtle way possible say you want to see the bags first. Otherwise, they will send someone down to get them and bring them up to you in a black garbage bag. It's way more adventurous to go with them. Just don't do it alone.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lunch with Leah

i decided to try israeli couscous and poached salmon from gourmet garage. salmon was good, israeli couscous was a little too sweet for my liking. all together it was $9.17. not bad for nyc.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Open Mic

Check out a couple of my originals I performed last night at Cafe Vivaldi in NYC.