Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Awesome Wedding Ideas!

My faux bro's wedding was a couple weekends ago back in the great state of Ohio and I wanted to share a couple of cute ideas that he and his gorgeous wife came up with!

1) Choreographed first dance. J&K took dance lessons for several weeks and then choreographed their first dance to Peter Gabriel's, "The Book of Love". It was stunning. If J can do this, then anyone can--no offense bro. But, honestly, doing something like this is so special and beautiful. It really added a personal touch to the evening. So many weddings are cookie cutter these days so dare to do something a little different--even if, no, no, ESPECIALLY if it means stepping (or dancing) out of your comfort zone.

2) Anniversary "Congratulations" cards on each table. There were roughly 25 tables at the reception and each had a "Congratulations" card on it for the guests at that table to write a message and sign. Then, each year on their anniversary, J&K will open a card starting with table #1 on their 1st anniversary, table #2 on their 2nd, and so on and so forth. So cute!

Do you have cool, unique wedding ideas? Share them here on the Dealio! Grazie!