Tuesday, October 19, 2010

gina maria d'emilio

11.29.1981 - 10.19.1994

Children's Miracle Network Telethon

my uncle Joe Pinciotti, started Gina's Pillows in memory of my sister, Gina, who passed away from cancer 16 years ago. please join Gina's Pillows page and spread the word with your friends / family. proceeds will go to Children's Miracle Network. the design for Gina's Pillows is based on a pillow Gina made in the arts & crafts playroom while going through cancer treatments back in the early '90s. thanks for your support!

if you have lost a sibling or close friend to cancer or any other disease/cause and would like to have a conversation about your experience, please let me know. losing anyone is difficult and being able to talk with others about your loss can be extremely helpful. please feel free to reach out. i'm listening.


Thursday, June 3, 2010


the dealio with d'emilio is that www.leahdemilio.com is getting ready to launch. you can sign up for updates today! now all my musings will be in one place - links to my flickr, facebook, twitter, and youtube channel are all available there. i will no longer be blogging on the dealio, so please take a minute to subscribe via rss or email on leahdemilio.com. thanks!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

idle tongues

shut your hands and untie your mouth
these cold black lines don't breathe what you're about
a single buzz notifies the amplified sound
of your vapid discretion as it falls to the ground

only thoughts are golden when echoed aloud
so bite your fingers and ignore your crowd
your walls are graffitied with bullshit musings
you think you're so deep but you're really just using
an excuse to hide the depths of your mind
as you censor your truths, opinions, and crimes
of your heart and your soul
you don't know how you sound when you think anymore

your cry is imprisoned in the palm of your hands
unable to bail out these vexatious demands
idle tongues are not barren, they're fruitful and fair
ready to blast anyone with words who won't care

and no one does

the understudy to your fingers, anxious and broken
your voice always lingers with silence unspoken
in the back of your throat
you can't eat what you wrote

now you will sit here and stare at the wall
you've created, debated and shared with us all
perfectly kept like a garden of roses
with pictures of you in absolute poses

in your absence you live with the words that you type
twelve point default to vocalize your hype
seemingly expressive as the world stands amazed
but your chords are committed, disillusioned and crazed

carry on then with your hands wide open to lie
while your mouth gets the rope tied tighter and dies

© Leah D'Emilio 2010