Friday, April 3, 2009

Half Marathon Running Songs

Keep the songs coming! I'm going to put together a play list based on your suggestions! Help me get through my first half marathon!

So far, we have...

  1. davezawislak@leahdemilio billy idol, dancing with myself
  2. Curt ClarkCurtClark@leahdemilio Yo! Check out The First Single, by The Format
  3. ChwithChwith@leahdemilio Indestructable by Disturbed. Trip like I do (the crystal method) or Fences (by Paramore) are all good, high energy tracks.
  4. Alexander ZMrZ3000@leahdemilio Voodoo People - The Prodigy
  5. PrototypePrototypeDemo@leahdemilio "Life Ain't a Game" by Ja Rule is good for workouts.
  6. Jason Climacotredacinque@leahdemilio Nice! You wouldn't happen to be running the OC Half Marathon, would you?
  7. Dave MendezDaveMendez@leahdemilio Love Letter to Japan by The Bird and the Bee
  8. TechFrogJim AldenTechFrog@leahdemilio Dramarama – Anything, Anything ♫
  9. Luigiloumacuser@leahdemilio kiss Detroit Rock City and Strutter
  10. Jeff Parsonsjparsons9@leahdemilio I'll apologize in advance but "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen.
  11. Kevin LDefiancex0x@leahdemilio Eye of the tiger, No easy way out and training montage all from the Rocky 4 Soundtrack! U.S. Army Running cadences on iTunes
  12. Joe MeansDoMonChooIcon_lock@leahdemilio
  13. KnightVelourKnightVelour@leahdemilio circus - britney spears, beating hearts baby - head automatica, black and gold - sam sparro


  1. Well i have four suggestions:
    Gnars Barkley - Crazy
    Limp Bizkit - Mission Impossible II
    Eric Prydz - Call On Me
    Metallica - Fuel

  2. The Tarantella Napolitana from the Godfather. Corri, corri!

  3. I went with the slightly more electronic based (not techno though) than the rock and roll approach. I love the atmosphere these songs create. Makes life a little more surreal. Any good running mix will depend on tempo, but these are great songs with a lot of rhythm and energy to them.

    #1) The Day We Left Town by Magnet - - this tune starts slow but kicks in at the two minute mark and its one of those songs thats hard to not START running if you're just walking listening to it.

    #2) Let Go by Frou Frou - - from the Garden State soundtrack - bass line really keeps this song driving while the strings and vocals create a really cool atmosphere

    #3) There's some great songs on Speak for Yourself by Imogen Heap that have a really good groove to them, also a great album for driving on a rainy day -
    and to veer from the electronic...

    #4) Son's Gonna Rise by Citizen Cope - - the link features Robert Randolph, great song

    #5) Riot! by Paramore - - most of this album is great, I love rock music with a cool female vocalist and the mix is very drum heavy which really drives the music - one of my guilty pleasures

    #6) Foundations by Kate Nash - - You should listen to this song regardless - my wife's pop influence :)

    Also Human by the Killers, and the Ting Tings could be good material.

    Hope some of those work for you!

  4. I've actually just signed up for my 1st 1/2 marathon on Sept 6th at Disneyland. These are some of the songs that I've found help me stay motivated while running.
    Black Eyed peas- Pump it
    Eminem-Till I collapse
    Ice Cube-You can do it
    Kanye West-Stronger
    Petey Pablo-Show me the money
    Limp Bizkit-Rollin
    Fergie-Oh Sh*t
    Ja Rule-Livin it up & Life ain't a game
    Beyonce & Jay Z-Crazy in love

    Hope this list helps!