Monday, March 2, 2009

Today @ 4 pm PST...

It's 3 am on Monday, March 2 and I am wide awake! I'm so excited to see who is going to make it into the top 50 for the Best Job in the World! You know I'll be posting results here - one way or the other - so be sure to check back in the afternoon today when you get a chance :)

Anyway, here's the dealio on my weekend:

Friday night: I went to a screening of the film County Line at Art Center in Pasadena. Very good student project, shot in Eastern Texas last summer. The acting was excellent and the piece was put together quite well. A big round of applause for the cast and crew of this film. Well done.

Saturday: I slept in a bit, caught up with some friends back in Ohio, went for a sunset run at the Rose Bowl, made dinner, watched Eyes Wide Shut and a couple episodes of South Park, and fell asleep relatively early for a Saturday night - its been a long couple of weeks.

Artsy oil in pan

Sunday: started the day with a full body workout, grocery shopping, online researching, cleaning, cooking dinner, more South Park, finished the BBC's Shallow Seas, and I can't sleep...

The stars of Planet Earth: Shallow Seas

Overall, a nice and relaxing weekend mostly catching up with chores at home - looking forward to the week starting tomorrow - LOTS TO DO!

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  1. Glad you had a nice weekend Leah! We have to hang out soon. :)