Friday, November 28, 2008


The day after Thanksgiving...what kind of craziness did you encounter while shopping? Write about it here on the dealio! I want to hear all about it! I'm safe in my Mahalo haven. No malls for me. No thank you.


  1. I just got out of work from Walmart, this is my second year doing this holiday... oh god, save us all.

    Going into work at 430AM I see the people waiting behind the taped corridor. Everyone is quiet looking at us prepping the TVs, computers, movies, and various other electronics. Everyone is ready to rush out once that tape is cut. Everyone is confident they will get their 32inch plasma or 2gigabyte mp3 or their $2 movies.

    Everyone is quiet, everyone is ready, everyone is ready to "blitz" (a term used for this specific sale event inside of walmart, fyi).
    What everyone isn't aware of is that other people love their family exactly the same way and are willing to do anything for the perfect gift.

    Once the merchandise is prepped, the clock strikes 5, the tape is cut.

    I'm sitting on a pallet full of tv's when I see the wave of customers literally sprint. "WHERE ARE THE 50inch PLASMA!" I'm asked by a 6'5ft stocky guy wearing a dickies jacket. I point. The guy grabs the top tv, holds it above his head for a second, realizes it's a bit too heavy for him, manages to take 2 steps out of the way into a hallway full of other people rushing for other tv's, by this time the tv is falling, starts looking like he slingshots the tv into the crowd. Some lady gets hit in the head, her head hits the guy in the chest, the tv still in mid air hits the guy, the guy falls back, the guy falls with the force of a ladys head, 50inch plasma from walmart, and 6'5" brawly man stepping in. All fall directly into the incoming wave of people. People fall, there is yelling, there is me looking at what just happened, there are more people on all sides fighting in what is now a fort of tv's getting picked appart by other shoppers.

    "Holy shit, ma'm are you okay?" as I'm helping her up.

    "Yeah, just get me one of the forty sixers you have on the add"

    The guy on the floor is in disbelief of what just happened says, "CAN I GET ONE TOO?!"

    Those were just the first 5min.
    -In total i saw a few oz of blood
    -broke up 3 fist fights heard of about 6
    -saw at least 10people hit the ground
    -touched countless peoples bottoms as i tryed to pass through the mobs

    (sorry for my poor writing skills, my hands are still jittery from all the commotion)

  2. DAMN! Why are people so crazy? Consumerism is destroying us.

  3. I went to Home Depot to pick up 10 poinsettias to decorate work because they were 99 cents. I arrived at 5:30 and there were about 30 people in line. When the doors opened everyone walked in and were greeted by friendly staff. They had coffee and cookies set up for the early shoppers. It was quite pleasant. I bought my plants and went on to work. I spoke with many people who took advantage of Black Friday's deep discounts and freebies. It all seemed pretty positive. No problems here in Toledo:)

  4. The least crazy places to shop, and still get great deals - Home Depot and Office Max. Staff at both, notorious for being extremely well-prepared and knowledgeable about the loss leaders in the ad.

  5. Good to hear not all places were murder sites.

    A Banner I made 4 u 4 ur blog! =D -Claudio Duarte

  7. I bought one thing and it was for myself and it was online. Although my wife and I did hit up Circuit City which I regretted immediately upon entering the store.

  8. We dont have them mad rushes in Maine. So i was able to pick up some SD cards for real cheap and Not get knocked out because of it.

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