Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

In no particular list of people and stuff for whom/which I'm grateful...

The amazing diversity of California landscape and weather...looking forward to hitting the slopes this winter!

My Toledo Boys who keep me entertained and motivated usually during rush hour traffic. Thanks guys!

The beautiful California sunsets just down the street from my office at Mahalo. How can you not appreciate moments like these?

My super awesome boyfriend "Rybot" who has made my second year out here so much better than the first! I love you!

My crazy and wonderfully talented co-workers at Mahalo Daily! It's been a blast!

My "faux" bro Jordan who is my rock in times of frustration and self-doubt. I miss you!

For all my goofy friends and family! Featured here Jen and Uncle Joe - nice wig!

It's been fun meeting fans of Mahalo Daily out and about, like Jeff, Katherine, and Daynah! You're all awesome!

My best friend and "sister" Jen aka "Chicken Ass" aka "Cledius Jones"...long stories on the nicknames...I miss you and look forward to seeing you for New Years and to plan your wedding!

That's a pretty good start for now...2008 has been an amazing year for me. I'm thankful to all my family, friends, and fans who have supported me in my career and have a genuine interest in my success. Being in Los Angeles for almost two years now has taught me a lot about myself and about my goals in life, as well as in my career. It's tough to follow your dreams, to leave friends and family behind, to abandon the comforts of familiarity and security...but it is worth it. Thanks to everyone who has come into my life, even if only for a brief moment. I value it all.

Happy Thanksgiving.



  1. I would typically have a list of people, places and things that I am thankful for in my life, but today, the day before Thanksgiving, I am simply thankful to be home, sitting on my couch, typing this message while my dog cuddles up next to me.

    I had some errands to do which led me to Fairfax Avenue and 3rd Street in Los Angeles. I had to make a stop at The Grove and the Washington Mutual up the street. As I drove up, I debated which place I would go to first. I looked at the WaMu sign, but decided to hit the mall first and the bank after.

    I was in The Grove for no more than 15 minutes, a surprising feat since the place is usually a mad house, but the holiday and rain made for not many people.

    As I pulled into the parking lot of WaMu, the attendant came to my car and told me to turn around because the bank is being held up. Then he yelled, “Get out of here, the police are coming!”

    I followed a few other cars back out of the lot and as I turned back onto Fairfax, several police cars drove up and out of one of them, two police officers, walking a few feet in front of my car, were brandishing weapons. One had a rifle and I saw him cock it. Another had a pistol and he was yelling for pedestrians to get out of the way.

    It was a surreal experience watching this scene come to life that I typically only see re-enacted in a Hollywood movie.

    I had two stops to make and I made a split second choice to go to The Grove first. If I had chosen WaMu, I would have been in that bank. I normally do all my business at the ATM or online, but I had intended to go directly to a teller to get a few rolls of quarters.

    Divine intervention or simple lucky coincidence?

    Either way, while I didn’t make my deposit and I have no cash and no quarters, I am thankful to be home safe. The bank can wait until Friday!

  2. Forgot to say...

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. We are thankful for you Leah. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. We look forward to spending time with you this holiday season.


    Mom and Dad

  4. Aww *hugs Leah*

    I'm thankful for you Leah! Thanks for making me smile and happy with your goofy ways. :)