Wednesday, March 17, 2010

my life is an open facebook

i tried to keep facebook divided into private and public pages/content. for me, its nearly impossible to maintain. i don't like separating people off into lists or deciding "who makes the cut". so, tonight i decided to just make everything open. there's nothing i share on my personal page that i wouldn't share on my public, come on over to facebook and say hello!

would love to hear your ideas on what you'd like to see on each page - one for LEAH and one for THE DEALIO ?


  1. I'm confused, Leah. So you want us to give you ideas on what we would like to see on each page? I thought you were trying to merge the two and not divide the private and public Leah D'Emilio. So which Facebook page will be your main one, LEAH or THE DEALIO?

  2. both pages will be open, but i'm thinking of having specific content on each...for example, one page for work-only related content, one page for random thoughts...not sure yet, that's why i was looking for feedback. wondering if people would like to see the two types of content separated?