Thursday, December 10, 2009

top 20 worst holiday songs ever

i love music. but i never think it's a good idea to play one genre of music continuously 24/7 for a full straight month. as you've probably heard (if you go out into the real world now and then) there have been holiday songs playing around the clock since the day after thanksgiving. some are good, classic numbers that hold sentimental value and put us in the spirit of whatever we celebrate this time of year. others should have probably never been produced. here is a list of the worst holiday songs ever according to those of you who responded to my question on twitter and facebook. i agree with all of these. the videos i linked to are equally horrendous. number 20 on this list just blows my mind. i mean, seriously?!?! feel free to add more in the comments below!

  1. grandma got run over by a reindeer
  2. white christmas
  3. any christmas song by britney spears
  4. summer holiday
  5. 12 days of christmas
  6. disney's the weekenders
  7. i saw mommy kissing santa claus
  8. christmas shoes
  9. wonderful christmas time
  10. merry christmas with love
  11. frosty the snowman
  12. little drummer boy
  13. grandma got knocked up by a reindeer
  14. chipmunks christmas album
  15. santa baby
  16. who took the merry out of christmas
  17. do they know its christmas
  18. i want a hippopotamus for christmas
  19. dominick the donkey
  20. please, daddy (don't get drunk this christmas)

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  1. Haha i think grandma got run over by a reindeer is one of the only good xmas songs!

  2. haha you're not the first person to mention that ;)

  3. I think Santa Baby deserves to be way higher on that list.

    Feliz Navidad tends to drive me mental too.

    I'll admit, I'm surprised by #2 and #12. Both are classics and where's the love for Bowie & Bing doing Little Drummer Boy?

  4. #1 definitly deservers the crown..truth be told I have never heard the song in its entirety...I can't take more than 5 sec. before I change the station,leave the store,etc....same goes for "12 days..", what is that 15 minutes long?
    Happy New Year Leah..from Maumee.