Wednesday, December 9, 2009

20 movies for the holidays

i recently asked ya'll on twitter which movies put you in the holiday spirit. here's the collective list of 20 films that get you feeling cheerful and bright. i'm putting stars next to my top 5 from the ones you suggested, PLUS i've listed 5 more films that i've always enjoyed watching around this time of year.
  1. a christmas story*
  2. national lampoon's christmas vacation*
  3. elf*
  4. love actually
  5. home alone*
  6. its a wonderful life
  7. white christmas
  8. die hard
  9. silver bells
  10. jingle all the way
  11. a charlie brown christmas*
  12. scrooged
  13. serendipity
  14. little women
  15. the holiday
  16. you've got mail
  17. godzilla vs. mothra (aka gojira vs. mosura)
  18. we're no angels
  19. batman returns
  20. gremlins
here are 5 other personal favorites of mine, which to my surprise, no one mentioned during my twitter survey:
  1. rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer
  2. frosty the snowman
  3. how the grinch stole christmas (1966)
  4. how the grinch stole christmas (2000)
  5. miracle on 34th street
if this list isn't extensive enough, you can check out a more detailed explanation of several of these films, plus a review of badder santa (which is so bad it doesn't even have its own imdb page so i have to link to the original movie), from holiday movie critic coach rohn anato. feel free to comment with more suggestions below! happy holidays!


  1. Love the original list... I would also add Santa Claus: The Movie (

  2. Not one true version of A Christmas Carol? Scrooged - doesn't count. This 1984 George C. Scott version is my favorite Although not truly a Christmas movie, Meet Me In St Louise has the classic Judy Garland performance of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. And one other forgotten oldie, The Bishops Wife - w Cary Grant

  3. oh yah i forgot about a christmas carol! and santa claus is pretty entertaining, too! thanks for adding! :)

  4. I really love A Muppet Christmas Carol. I'm actually reading the book this year and a lot of the dialogue is quite accurate in some places!

  5. I love that a diehard and a godzilla movie made it on here. Blowing things up (to save the world) and big huge mutant reptiles that smash buildings is what the season is really about