Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Humanwire on Rocketboom

Humanwire is Rocketboom's international independent journalism channel. We provide our field correspondents with a professional platform for sharing their work while ensuring full rights are maintained by the journalists.

Humanwire is interested in showing our viewers a spectrum of subject matter from varying regions all over the world. We value stories that cover unusual, fascinating, and timely material. Each week, we run one episode from a different region, covering a different topic. We generally do not run episodes with sexual content or graphic violence.

Humanwire is always searching for new correspondents. Correspondents may send us up to 2 submissions per month, so we suggest that you only submit your best and most relevant material. In the case of a major event, we may contact individual correspondents who are in the region to do special reports.

Humanwire is dedicated to curating interesting and inspiring video reports from around the world. We welcome you to send us your best material and help create a broader audience for independent journalists worldwide.

For examples of previous Humanwire episodes, go here:

For more information about becoming a correspondent, email us at:

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