Monday, August 24, 2009


So today I had a total flashback to the early '90s. Take a journey with me back to 1993, when overalls, non-form fitting vests, and backwards baseball caps were hot fashion. The year when the hit show Ghostwriter debuted on PBS. I was about to click the send button on an email today, when a scene from the show, namely when Ghostwriter would appear on the computer screen, popped into my head.

I have not thought, or heard, about that show in years! It was definitely a favorite of mine. Personally, I thought Gabby Fernandez was the coolest kid on the mystery solving team.

Unfortunately, the show didn't exactly launch anyone's acting career. Only Grandma Jenkins, actress Marcella Lowery, and Lenni Frazier, actress Blaze Berdahl, went on to get a few more "significant" gigs after the show was canceled in 1995 due to a lack of funding. Maybe it was m*therf*ckin' Samuel L. Jackson's cameo in 3 episodes (1993) as Reggie Jackson that broke their bank account. Apparently, things were slow for Sammy boy between Patriot Games and Loaded Weapon I. Please send links to those episodes if you can find them!

Oh,'re a trip. WORD!


  1. oh man, you've opened up a timewarp here .....that intro music/sound fx was classsic ... so cheesy..but so youth oriented and positive..ha...does anything like this even exist today?

  2. I remember that show, awesome show, it was on agian as recently as about 4-5 years ago on Noggin. I really hope they at some point put out DVDs of it, right now it is impossible to even find VHS of the show.

  3. I remember that show too.. The only reason why I used to watch it was because it was my younger sister's fav show

  4. "Ghostwriter"..... sing it loud and clear.