Thursday, June 19, 2008

Progressive - Experimental - Rock

So I have recently been introduced to a new genre of music that I'm totally in love with and can't get enough of: PER/Instrumental/Awesomeness. Magna, Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, --just to name a few--have been dominating my speakers for the past couple of months. Let me tell you why you should start listening to this music if you don't already...

1. If you live in LA, then you probably spend at least 2-5 hours in your car each day. More than likely, these hours are spent in a state of stress. Bands like Magna and Mogwai will entertain you and take you on a journey away from road rage. Trust me.

2. If you live in LA, then you probably know that most of the radio stations suck. So get these guys on your iPod, burn a CD, record a cassette, whatever you need to do. Friends don't let friends listen to bad music!

3. We often just passively accept what is given to us, i.e. radio/TV/film, without thinking about who controls these media outlets and why we consume them. Unfortunately, many of us are missing an entire world of artists who don't quite get on the mainstream. So take control of your media diet! Like the saying goes, you are what you eat. It's easier to grab McDonald's than to seek out a healthy alternative--the same goes for our media intake. It's easier to listen to and watch what other people have decided is good enough for the general public than to take a little time and explore a whole new world. In my case, instrumental bands. Who knows, you may discover music that impacts you in a whole new way, or you may find that the mainstream is good enough--at least give the alternative a chance.

4. Its just damn good music!

5. Your life will probably get better...ok, I can't prove that, but your ears will thank you.


  1. I agree with you! Well written.

  2. i heart Explosions in the Sky!

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