Friday, February 12, 2010

happy valentine's day

here's the valentine's episode i shot with @mememolly - enjoy! also, click here to read the case against i love you - a short article that explains why the phrase "i love you" is overused and loses meaning...definitely something to think about before you give away your valentines this year!


  1. So cute! really nice photography. The sneezing guy deserves some mild calamity, like stepping on something gooey, or receiving a gift from a bird before an important appointment. Very rude.
    Molly seem very happy, cuteness factor 1e12
    Happy Valentines :)

  2. thanks, gaston! the golden hour in central park certainly helped keep it pretty ;) happy valentine's to you, too! poor guy probably didn't realize he's tissue usage was in the shot...ha, oh well...