Saturday, September 19, 2009

Going here again...sorry!

So a few of you were inspired by the unleash your child post and have been keeping your eyes open for leashed children in your area. I'm sharing a few pics here.

Someone sent me the link to this picture after reading my post. Thank you. You should browse the site for more inspirational photos like this one. There are some real classics.

"Mack the Knife" on Facebook

While out and about in Ohio, this friend saw the monkey backpacks and quickly pulled out his camera to document the incident. Isn't the girl in the pink sweatshirt a little too old for one of these?

I don't think this child is in any real threat or of any threat to this environment.


  1. i think it is okay to put a restraint on the childs hand but not around his neck or body this is a little cruel

  2. I have the monkey backpack/harness/leash for my 14-month old. But he has no idea of boundaries or such yet (trying to teach that). However, he also rarely wears it. We only use it when there are a lot of strangers about (for example, when we visit the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha).

    Certainly don't use it in the grocery store. And he definitely won't be using for too long. The kids in the last two pictures are far too old for this.

    My thoughts on it, as a parent who actually has one of these, is that it is nice for areas where there are a lot of people that you don't know AND where your surroundings can easily be distracting. I view it as acceptable for toddlers who have just learned to walk and no longer tolerate strollers for very long.

    However, it is a tool for helping to teach your child boundaries and to add a layer of protection in certain circumstances. Not an excuse for being lazy.

  3. Well don't be too judgemental.
    The older girl could be ADHD or a wanderer. It is sometimes too easier to have both children wear a harness especially in crowds.